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Pater Architectural…

The craftsmanship of Pater Architectural is unsurpassed and ensures the quality of our work will surpass your expectations.

Design, Make,Refine

The classic craftsmanship found in our mortise and tenon joinery for windows and doors results in joints that have been proven to last.

How we build awesome pieces?

  • Artistic design build ability
  • 10,000 sq. ft. facility
  • World class woodworking equipment
  • 40 years of custom fabricating, shaping wood in a mirade of ways
  • Access to hand picked wood supplies from around the world
  • Professional networks built over a 30 year span
  • Located in the heart of hardwood country
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Let us create beautiful masterpieces for you!

Loaded with awesome features, premium wood-work, unlimited options, advanced craftsmanship & much more!
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